3 motivated now stay your progress time yourself

more guidelines from real-lifestyles slimmers
maintain a picture diary
From Carrie Sorrell, 20, from Hertfordshire. misplaced 28kg (four and a 1/2 of stone).
"I asked my partner to take pix of me in my underwear and saved a photograph diary. It meant I may also need to peer what I actually regarded like under my clothes. I additionally recorded my measurements, targets and emotions. It became a brilliant way to maintain prompted as I saw the kilos and inches disappearing."
track weight loss monthly, not weekly
From Wendy Jenks, 38, from Eastleigh, Hampshire. lost 24kg (three stone 11lbs).
"One component i was told stuck in my thoughts: it's miles a wonderful concept to undergo in mind your weight loss over a month instead of getting disheartened after a disappointing week."
discover techniques to stroll
From Karen Baird, 31, from Shepshed, Leicestershire. misplaced 25kg (over 4 stone).
"I used to hate the fact that I seemed to be constantly going up and down the steps. Now I see it as a leg-firming workout. I additionally walk more than one miles an afternoon with the youngsters in desire to always using the automobile. it is appropriate for me, them and the environment."
Visualise the brand new you
From Karen Thompson, 28, from Bedford. misplaced 32kg (five stone).
"I used to meditate and visualise the contemporary, slimmer me. i might imagine myself sporting a modern-day dress or a very good pair of jeans and feeling superb. no longer best did it lighten up me, but it definitely helped me live targeted."
Set small, manageable goals
From Sonia Nurse, 34, from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. misplaced 54kg (8 and a 1/2 stone).
"i recognize how soul-destroying it is able to be to expect how a ways you have to pass, so my recommendation is to set little targets along the manner, together with the subsequent half of of-stone or dress length. that's what labored for me."
Get sponsored
From Amanda Richards, 35, from Sussex. misplaced 19kg (3 stone).
"I signed up to run a 5km race. I had been given masses of people to sponsor me and it turned into for a charity that intended masses to me. I knew I had to get healthful to run the race and that i couldn't permit absolutely everyone down, so I had the right cause to stay inspired
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